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No Sugar Coating

I’ve been in the Fitness and Health Industry in some capacity for 20+ years. I cannot sugar coat things (no pun intended), getting fit, healthy and leaner… is not easy!

Breaking old habits and creating beautiful new changes in your lifestyle takes work and dedication. I have had my ups and downs and battles, how do you think I have learned so much?! Not just from my training and nutrition books that is for sure!

There is no doubt that any big lifestyle changes are hard. Know it, and embrace it and dig deep! Here are a few quick tips to help you with the process:

1. Make YOU a priority!
Moms especially feel guilty leaving little ones to go to the gym… It is an hour ladies! You will be a happier mom for it and your family WILL benefit.

2. Go 100% in!
Set out your plan and follow it. Sorry but doing things 75% will not get you the results and you will feel discouraged. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. That is how change feels at first. Good thing is it does get easier.

3. Remember getting fit is YOUR CHOICE
Stop feeling deprived… you want this, right? This is your choice, right? Switch your mindset to the blessings that come with the changes and not what you are missing. (different foods etc)

4. Be Patient
As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I am not trying to be cheeky but seeing results in the mirror does take time. First start by seeing your improvements in strength, stamina… improved mood. Soon you will notice pounds dipping on the scale, but don’t obsess about them! You want a lifestyle change. So much can happen in as little as 6 months.



To be continued ; )



Friends, I have your back but with honesty and no sugar coating. You CAN DO THIS! Nothing worthwhile is every really easy.

Coach T xo

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