Why I don’t love “Counting Calories”

Why I don’t love Counting Calories

I am big on eating for health and good energy. When I am trying to help a client drop fat or trying to myself, I don’t religiously count calories.  I believe we should enjoy our food, feel satisfied and keep energy levels optimal best we can, while dropping fat. I add protein to most of my meals for this reason.  Protein requires much more energy to metabolize than fat and carbs. Therefore it is less “fattening” than calories from carbs and fat.

For the same reason I eat mostly whole foods as they require more energy to digest than processed foods.(Packaged foods, frozen meals…)

Studies show that refined carbohydrates lead to faster and bigger spikes in blood sugar, which leads to cravings and increased food intake. This is why I avoid most bread, pastas… I need all the help I can get! I don’t want crazy food cravings. LOL Why not make it easier on yourself and minimize these? If I do add carbs to my meals I aim for whole, unprocessed carb sources that contain fiber. The fiber can reduce the rate at which the glucose enters your system.

I feel great having protein and a small amount of good fats like olive oil or avocado… as it tends to keep me more satisfied.  They reduce hunger, increase feelings of fullness and I find reduces food intake for the next few hours.  Try for this experiment for yourself. One day eat white toast and jam for breakfast. The next day eat eggs for breakfast.  Now see how you feel.

Keep in mind when you are going crazy adding up your calories for the day, that different calorie sources can have very different effects on hunger, hormones, and energy expenditure. Even though calories are important to some degree, I find obsessively counting them is not necessary to lose weight. Protein at most meals, healthy fats, and “some” complex fibre filled carbs (amount varies with each individual) , LOTS of variety of vegetables and some fruit.

In my experience, simple changes in food selection can lead to better long term fat loss success than tight calorie restriction.  This is why I am not a fan of Calorie Counting.  Acquiring a taste for healthy eats and learning to back away from the simple carbs and grease filled process meals, you will then not have to spend part of your day counting calories!

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