5 Mistakes You May be Making in your Fat Loss Efforts

Do you feel you have minimal success with fat loss? You seem to be able to drop 5 or 10 lbs but then get stuck? I am finding a lot of clients that have come to me lately are making a lot of effort but often in the wrong areas. Here are some mistakes I am seeing:

  1. Completing Cutting Carbohydrates: Often people cut too much too soon. They go from a lot of carbs in their diet to none. This can result in weight loss but then a quick plateau.
  2. Cardio –ing to death! : You may lose some fat if you go from no cardio to a lot. But your body will adapt quickly. I have had many people come to me after signing up for Half Marathon Training saying they did it for fat loss and only dropped a few pounds at most. There are better ways.
  3. Not Prioritizing Sleep: Sleep is important for fat loss and recovery. It’s also important to help keep food cravings at bay. Don’t you seem hungrier when you are tired? I know I do!
  4. Not Weight Training Intensely: Potential clients come to me and tell me they use the same weight for each exercise that they have for years. They fear going heavier and getting injured. There are ways to bust plateaus. You could utilize partials, drop sets, tri-sets, use a spotter and do negatives. There are ways to challenge you to make progress!


Digestion is poor: Most people don’t know how important digestion is to assimilate vitamins and minerals from your food and supplements. If you are not breaking down your food properly and absorbing all nutrients how will they help your health and fat loss efforts?  Digestion is so important!

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