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Nothing feels better than getting your Nutrition in order whether it is to help with digestion issues, fat loss, energy levels or address a health issue. What we digest and assimilate is vital to our well being.

Let's Work Together!

Support System

Accountability can be really helpful when incorporating new lifestyle changes

Lose Body Fat

Learn effective, safe strategies from an industry expert


Having a healthy gut and good digestion is so vital to best utilize the nutrients you consume


Take the guess work out of healthy meal planning

Individual approach

Have your meal plan designed specifically to your body's needs, goals, and lifestyle

Debunk Nutrition Myths

With so many diets and trends in the media, learn what truly works for the long haul


Orange Theory members receive $20 off your first plan!!
$140 +tax

Assessment/Meal Plan/Follow up

This plans begins with an in depth personal review and assessment outlining your health history, concerns and current eating habits.  It’s also a great opportunity for me to gain better insight into your nutritional life style and/or health concerns, so I might ask you for more details beyond the assessment itself.

After I have a solid understanding of your current situation from our assessment interview, I will spend the next few days up to a week designing a personal nutrition plan specific to you and your nutritional needs based on the information provided in your assessment.

Once your personal plan is designed, I will contact you to setup our next meeting. This meeting can be in person or via a phone call if your schedule is busy. In this meeting which lasts about 20 minutes, I will go over your personal results and explain your detailed meal plan to you so you gain a clear understanding of next steps and how to best reach your goals.

I’ll also book a follow up with you at this time to check in on your results to date and see your progress! It’s at this time that I might also make some adjustments to your plan based on your current progress or address any issues you might be experiencing as well as answer any questions you might have.


Orange Theory members pay only $260
$300 +tax

Assessment , Meal Plan, 6 weeks of Follow ups

This plan builds on Plan A offering not only the same great assessment and meal plan to support your personal level of nutritional support, but also adds to it 6 weeks of check-ins via email along the way to ensure that your goals are being met as well as helping keep your motivation and endurance high.  This plan is excellent at helping keep you accountable and invigorated through a six week cycle to maximize your goals.


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